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Work with me!

Please feel free to contact me however is easiest for you!

All questions are welcome - I am here to help you plan your special day!

You can DM me on Instagram or Facebook or Say Hello via the enquiry form below.

Ready to chat? then why not book a free, no obligation Discovery Call (see below)

Already booked? Let's find a time to plan out your ceremony in detail - use the link below to find a convenient slot!


Book a Free Discovery Call!

Planning a ceremony can be overwhelming at times. You are invited to book a free no-obligation consultation with me to chat about all things ceremony.

Whether you have lots of ideas or are in need of advice or inspiration, I am here to help you on your journey! It is a good idea to have a date and venue in mind before we talk, then I can confirm my availability for you!

Calendly - Alexandra Ashley

Join the meeting using the Skype link which will be sent to your email 10 minutes prior to the meeting.

Book a Your Ceremony!

So we've connected and you want to book me for your specail day!

Fantastic news - to secure your day, follow the link and submit the Booking Form:

Once I receive your deposit, I will confirm via email that the day is booked just for you!

Time to get planning!


Book Your Full Planning Consultation

This longer (1 -1.5 hours) consultation is for couples who have already booked their ceremony with me.

Together we will plan your ceremony from start to finish, by taking a detailed walk through your ideas for your ceremony, with as much or as little inspiration as you want.

Calendly - Alexandra Ashley


Join the meeting using the Skype link which will be sent 10 minutes prior to the meeting start.

Say Hello!

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