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Top tips for an eco-friendly wedding in North Wales by The Snowdonia Celebrant

A wedding day is a celebration of love, but it can also have a big impact on the environment. The stunning backdrops of Snowdonia, Anglesey and the North Wales coastline attract couples from across the UK to get married here.

As a local and your North Wales wedding celebrant, I am passionate about looking after this beautiful corner of the UK and I understand many couples are conscious of their environmental footprint when arranging their wedding.

From travel emissions to single-use decorations, the choices you make for your wedding can contribute to environmental damage. However, it is possible to have a beautiful wedding day that is also eco-friendly.

Here are some tips on how to have an eco-friendly wedding in North Wales.

Choose a green wedding venue

When choosing a venue for your wedding, look for places that have an eco-friendly policy in place. There are many venues in North Wales that have eco-friendly practices such as using renewable energy, recycling and composting. Some examples of eco-friendly wedding venues in North Wales include Cae Mabon, Tipi and Llyn Gwynant Barns.

Use sustainable decorations

Rather than buying disposable decorations, consider using items that can be reused or are biodegradable. For example, you could use potted plants or flowers for centerpieces and decorations, or use bunting made from recycled materials. You could also consider using vintage or second-hand decorations to reduce waste.

Choose locally sourced food and drink

Choosing locally sourced food and drink can reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding. Look for caterers who use local ingredients and suppliers, and consider serving seasonal produce. This can also add a personal touch to your wedding, as you can showcase the local cuisine and support local businesses. Some local caterers I love are Outside Catering, Llandudno and Marc Macauley Catering.

Use eco-friendly wedding favours

Wedding favors are a traditional way of thanking guests for attending your wedding, but they can often be wasteful. Instead of disposable favors, consider giving guests something that is eco-friendly and useful, such as seed packets or reusable tote bags. This way, your guests will have a lasting reminder of your special day.

Encourage sustainable travel

Many guests will need to travel to attend your wedding, so it's important to consider the impact of travel emissions. Encourage guests to carpool, use public transport or cycle to your wedding. You could also consider holding your wedding in a location that is easily accessible by public transport.

Reduce waste

Reducing waste is an important part of having an eco-friendly wedding. Consider using digital invitations to reduce paper waste, and ask your caterer to use reusable or compostable plates and cutlery. You could also encourage guests to take their food and drink in reusable containers, and provide recycling and compost bins for waste.

So, having an eco-friendly wedding in North Wales is possible with a little bit of planning and creativity. By choosing an eco-friendly venue, using sustainable decorations, locally sourced food and drink, eco-friendly wedding favours, encouraging sustainable travel, and reducing waste, you can have a beautiful wedding day that is also kind to the environment.



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