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Make your Wedding Ceremony unique: The Sand Ceremony

If you are considering a celebrant-led ceremony, you have probably discovered that you can include absolutely anything you want. With so much choice, unique or symbolic rituals can provide additional meaning, fun and inclusivity. One such popular ritual is a sand ceremony.

As a modern, independent celebrant, I have conducted numerous sand ceremonies for weddings and naming ceremonies across North Wales. They are always a hit, especially for children and blended families!

Originating in the late 1980s as a popular alternative to unity candles, the sand ceremony is a symbolic way of representing your commitment to one another through the pouring and blending of sand.

Why choose a sand ceremony?

  • Perfect for beach weddings

  • Perfect for venues where rituals such as the unity candle aren’t allowed due to fire risk.

  • The ritual can include the bride, groom, children and other family members.

  • The blended sand provides a meaningful and symbolic memento of your wedding day.

Sand ceremony, sand colour meanings, beach wedding, North Wales, Anglesey
Cara and Suzy chose a personalised sand ceremony kit for their beach wedding on Anglesey.

How does it work?

Each person chooses a colour of sand that represents them (or from a beach that has meaning to them). There are various ways a sand ceremony can be conducted, but typically, to begin, each person pours about half of their sand into a large glass vessel. This creates layers that represent them as an individual within the family. At the end, everyone pours their remaining sand into the bottle simultaneously. When the sands are blended together, they symbolize the uniting of the two families.

Beach wedding, North Wales Wedding, North Wales Celebrant, Snowdonia wedding, Anglesey wedding
Sand ceremonies are perfect to symbolise the union of blended families.

Sand meaning

The sand chosen by each person should have special meaning to them. It could be from a beach where they grew up, a favourite holiday spot, or a destination of significance. Alternatively, coloured sand can be selected to represent the individual and their hopes for the marriage.

White: Purity, spiritual values, devotion

Yellow: Harmony, balance, friendship

Pink or Red: Love, passion, romance, happiness

Green: Health, luck, prosperity

Purple: Power, dignity, strength

Brown: Nurturing, home and hearth

Blue: Patience, tranquillity, longevity

Silver: Creativity, talent, inspiration

What do we need to do for a sand ceremony?

The ceremony is usually officiated by your celebrant who can advise you on sourcing materials. One individual vessel is needed for each person, plus a larger vase/bottle with the capacity to hold the blended sand.

Sand can be sourced from your location of choice or coloured sands can be supplied by your celebrant or ordered online.

Etsy ( has a wide selection of sand ceremony kits.

I have more questions, can you help?

Yes – I love helping couples and families create magical and personal ceremonies that reflect them. Say hello and let's start a conversation!




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