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Get Married in the Mountains! Top 5 Summits for an Elopement Ceremony in North Wales

Weddings and elopements in North Wales should be about immersing yourself in stunning natural surroundings. As a professional, independent celebrant and adventure enthusiast, I love it when couples come to me with unique ideas for outdoor ceremonies!

the Snowdonia Celebrant, loveadventureweddings, North Wales wedding, North Wales elopement
The Great Orme, Llandudno (credit: @loveadventure.weddings)

So, for my next blog posts, I thought I would focus on Top 5’s for outdoor weddings in North Wales:

Top 5 lakes for a wedding or elopement in Snowdonia

Top 5 summits for a wedding or elopement in North Wales

Top 5 beaches for a wedding or elopement in North Wales

Today, I am going to tackle summits. Now, getting married on a hill or mountain may not be for everyone, but there are options where you can take in the views, without getting hot and sweaty while climbing to the top!

So here we go - some interesting options for you - I’ll admit they aren’t all summits, but sometimes the best spots are on the way up! And all of these ceremony locations are VERY photogenic and will set magical and dramatic backdrops for your wedding pictures.

Conwy Mountain

Conwy Mountain is my local peak. It's perfect for a mountain ceremony for many reasons. Firstly, it's by the coast, so, often, the clouds pass over before hitting the higher peaks of Snowdonia. There are 360° views- in one direction is the ocean, with spectacular views over to Anglesey, and in the other superb views across to the peaks of Snowdonia. In the summer months the heather is bright purple, bringing a beautiful blanket of colour across the mountain.

Wild ponies, the Snowdonia Celebrant, North Wales, Elopement, Wedding
Wild ponies roam Conwy Mountain

There are potential ceremony spots dotted across the mountain. Wherever you choose to have your ceremony, it is a relatively short walk in. The summit is about 30 minutes from Conwy or Sychnant Pass. If that’s not enough to love, wild ponies roam the mountain year-round, making this spot super special, particularly if you are an animal lover.


The Snowdonia Celebrant, North Wales, Crimpiau, Elopement location
Crimpiau - view towards Llyn Crafnant (credit: @petershoosmithphotography)

Crimpiau sits at 475m at the southwest end of Llyn Crafnant in Snowdonia. The shortest walk to the summit takes < 30 minutes from the road at end of Llyn Crafnant. Alternatively, this peak can be accessed from Capel Curig. Whichever access you choose, both paths are well defined and you don’t need to get to the summit to take in the views. The path leads through a mountain pass where you can look northeast towards Llyn Crafnant or southwest towards Tryfan. Even on overcast days, this location tends to sit below cloud base. It’s a great spot, with a real sense of being in the heart of the mountains.

The Great Orme

loveadventureweddings, the snowdoniacelebrant, north wales, the Great Orme, Llandudno, Elopement, Wedding
The Great Orme, Llandudno (credit: @love.adventure.weddings)

The summit of the Great Orme in Llandudno is often a busy place, but head away from the summit complex to the northern end and you get expansive ocean vistas and dramatic cliff backdrops, making the perfect setting for a wild blessing, while still being completely accessible.

A tarmac road circles the Orme and there are various spots you can park up and walk <5minutes to some spectacular and sometimes, exposed ceremony spots.

loveadventureweddings, the snowdonia celebrant, north wales, llandudno, elopement, wedding
The Great Orme, Llandudno (credit: @love.adventure.weddings)

Dinorwig Quarries viewpoint

In 2021, the slate landscapes of North Wales, including the Dinorwig Quarries, were recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Dinorwig Quarries sit at the foot of Elidir Fach, but above the mountain village of Llanberis.

The Snowdonia Celebrant, North Wales, Llanberis, Dinorwig, Elopement, Wedding
Dinorwig Quarries, Llanberis (credit: @laura_anderton_on_the_go)

I have chosen this spot because the viewpoint here projects out from the quarries on a promontory, which provides an epic ceremony spot and showcases 360° landscape vistas.

The quarries closed in 1969, but provide a fascinating and atmospheric setting. On a clear day, you can see Snowdon Summit to the southeast, Llanberis to the south, and Anglesey to the northwest. Access is maintained via a bridle track from a parking bay behind Dinorwig Village – about a 10-15 minute stroll.


loveadventiureweddings, the Snowdonia Celebrant, North Wales, Elopement, Wedding, Mountain wedding
Snowdon (credit: @love.adventure.weddings)

As “The Snowdonia Celebrant” I simply couldn’t leave Snowdon out of this blog. At 1085m, Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales.

Snowdon is stunning, but it is also popular, so my advice is to be prudent, explore beforehand and if you are there in the height of summer expect to have at least a few onlookers.

Now, before you get worried, I’m not expecting you to hike to the top for your wedding ceremony, unless, of course, you want to – in which case I will be right by your side!

But, if you like the idea of a summit ceremony, then, weather permitting, the Snowdon train ( ) runs from mid-March to October. The train departs from Llanberis and has the option of 3 stops before reaching the summit. If you are looking for a quieter setting on a busy summer’s day, jumping off at Clogwyn Station (3/4 way up) provides some stunning views with a little more privacy. Group bookings are available on request, so your family can come along for the ride too.

loveadventureweddings, the Snowdonia Celebrant, North Wales weddings and elopements
Glaslyn at the foot of Snowdon (credit @love.adventure.weddings)

If the summit isn’t for you then a gentle walk from Pen y Pass, along the Miners Track will lead you into the Snowdon Horseshoe, where Llyn Llydaw and Glaslyn sit in the shadow of the summit. There are some beautiful spots along the lake shore, where you will feel enveloped by the surrounding landscape for your ceremony.

Finally, if none of these peaks tick your elopement boxes, please do get in touch as there are many other idyllic mountain settings that might be the right fit for you!




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